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Epsilon Sigma Rho Inc. was founded in the Spring of 1986 on the Campus of Sacramento State University. During the span of the last twenty years we have continued to expand. In winter quarter of 1990, Beta Chapter was founded at the University of California, Davis. Close to follow was our Gamma Chapter established in the Spring of the same year at CSU Chico. Our fourth chapter, Delta, was founded in 1991 on the campus of CSU Fresno. The most recent chapter, Epsilon, was established on June 21st, 2001 on the campus of CSU Monterey.

Multicultural Awareness
Epsilon Sigma Rho is a fraternity, like many others, dedicated to creating a fraternal bond amongst its brothers. What seperates us from other fraternities is that we pride ourselves on our diversity and our acceptance of cultural and ethnic differences. Furthermore we take a step beyond merely being diverse. We feel that it is of great importance to understand our brother's cultures and also understand the cultutres of others as well. We actively strive to help others learn about and appreciate the differences that make each of us unique.

Epsilon Sigma Rho is an open-minded brotherhood. We accept everyone for their race, color, religious beliefs, cultural traditions, and individual differences. Epsilon Sigma Rho is not just a fraternity; we are a FAMILY with the same ideas but different upbringings and backgrounds. Our Differences Are Our STRENGTH!
20 year anniversary
It is through our promotion of multicultural awareness and education that we hope to help each other achieve great things in our diverse changing world.


Epsilon Sigma Rho is in the process of achieving three basic goals. These goals are to:
1) Achieve higher academic success
2)Create a community outreach program
3)Build a network system within the fraternity

The attainment of higher academic success is obvious since we are all attending college. The goal is more attainable through intra-fraternal tutoring, friendly counseling, and the wisdom of experience. This aim is strongly supported by our brotherhood. Having brothers in a wide range of majors from the sciences to the arts, also helps the goal of developing a support system. That is why our goal of higher academic merit is paramount.

Our second aim is to create a community outreach program. This is done by volunteering our time and services towards helping those in the community who are in need.

The third is a long-term goal. The building of a network system takes time and dedication but is achievable. Our alumni continually work to promote sharing and brotherhood. We all look to eachother to help increase oppurtunities as brothers graduate and enter respective fields.


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